Make Americans Free Again, Ohio Stands Up!, the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance, and New Mexico Stands Up! Partner to Fight Tyranny

“The State and Federal public health system have misled the public, politicians, and even the Courts. If they have ANY integrity, they will recognize the truth and accept our requests for injunctive relief.”

12/21/2020, New Mexico and Ohio – It is a true honor and privilege to announce that Make Americans Free Again, Ohio Stands Up!, New Mexico Stands Up! and the New Mexico Freedom Alliance are partnering in the fight against tyranny. Today the legal team representing the Ohio Stands Up! lawsuit against the State of Ohio, along with Attorneys N. Ana Garner and Jonathan Diener from New Mexico will be filing a major action in the state of New Mexico to free New Mexicans from the tyrannical overreaction to a disease that has been shown to have a 99.9%+ recovery rate.

This exciting news is made better by an announcement from the same team that they will be filing a third action against the HHS, CDC, and NCHS for intentionally misleading the public regarding the dangers of COVID-19.

Attorney Renz stated, “This is a major step in freeing our nation. The data and facts could not be more clear. Neither could the fact that DHHS has allowed its staff to egregiously violate the law by misrepresenting the dangers posed by this virus. We look forward to shining the light of truth on this issue and alleviating the fears of the public.”

Attorney Garner stated, “Today we take the first step in throwing off the shackles of tyranny and truly re-opening New Mexico and the nation.”

The three organizations agree that if this sort of reaction from the government for a disease that has been shown to be roughly as dangerous as the seasonal flu, is considered justifiable under the law, then our freedoms as Americans are truly lost.

(The suits and plaintiff application are posted on the lawsuits page.)

For more information, visit www.ohiostandsup.org, www.NMstandsup.org, and https://makeamericansfreeagain.com/

Media Contacts:                                                               

Thomas Renz – Lead Counsel – Ohio & CDC Case, 419-351-4248, renzlawllc@gmail.com

Ana Garner – Lead Counsel – New Mexico Case, 505-930-5170, garnerlaw@yahoo.com

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Media Coverage:

12/30/20, Silver City Daily Press: Lawsuit: COVID-19 is no emergency

12/29/20, Santa Fe New Mexican, Several businesses sue New Mexico governor, claim virus threat overblown

12/27/20, Spiro of Activist Post interviews Pam Popper on Ohio, NM and federal lawsuits: The Lawsuit That Could End Covid-1984 with Dr. Pam Popper.

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12/22/20, Make America Free Again Pam Popper’s legal update: https://youtu.be/LjQWCEYA16M

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12/22/20, KOB 4 ABQ: Lawsuit asks state to reopen businesses without restrictions

Patrick Hayes
Updated: December 22, 2020 06:19 PM
Created: December 22, 2020 05:53 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A new lawsuit, filed in Federal Court, is asking state officials to reopen businesses and schools without any restrictions.

Despite thousands of COVID-related deaths, officials with the group Make Americans Free Again do not believe there’s a public health emergency in New Mexico.

“This is a lawsuit designed to restore some of our freedoms,” said attorney Ana Garner.

“Our constitutional rights have been trampled on in the name of a public health emergency and there is no emergency,” she added.

The lawsuit lists several locally owned businesses that are against the public health order including the requirement to wear masks.

The governor’s restrictions have been challenged at the state-level multiple times.

Garner said she filed this case in federal court because it’s a constitutional issue.

A spokesperson for the governor’s office told KOB 4 the office does not comment on pending litigation.

However, the state has previously state the restrictions are necessary to slow the spread of the virus and keep the state’s health care system from being overwhelmed.

As of Tuesday, there were 132,075 positive coronavirus cases in New Mexico and 2,203 Covid-related deaths.

To read the 125-page lawsuit, click here. NM-COMPLAINT-FINAL-TO-FILE.pdf (nmstandsup.org)

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